"The Hole Boss" SeeLite Housing



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We are getting back to our roots with this light housing. We were one of the first companies 9 years ago to put led lights in a housing. This housing is going to outshine the competition and make the morning boat ride much more safe and enjoyable. This is an all 1/8" aluminum housing CNC laser cut and bend and guaranteed to be one of if not the toughest, brightest, most bad A housings on the market. Comes with our new nav lights installed and an orange strip inside. 

24" Wide X 10.5" Deep X 5" Tall

1/8" Aluminum Housing

Power coated Black crinkle

2 spot and 2 flood lights



** installation tips**
this housing will pull 26amps at 12vdc, you will need to run a minimum of 12 guage wire and a relay on most boats. 

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